Date: March 25, 2012

Soleri Bridge Plaza,
Scottsdale, AZ

Commissioning Agency:
Scottsdale Public Art

Temporary art environment and event featuring live White Amur

Project Manager:
Kirsten Van Cleef

Brian Moorhead, Biologist
Jim Duncan, Facilitator

Marshall Shore

Project Team Leaders:
Mykl Wells, Keith Laber

A.T. Willett

The Soleri Bridge Plaza was transformed for one day into a surreal park featuring White Amur, the fish used to clean the canal by the plaza. Artificial turf, balloon trees, picnic blankets, a DJ playing bubbly lounge music, and three large fishtanks created an environment where visitors were able to share a meal in the company of their finned friends. People were invited to bring a picnic basket, buy a boxed lunch from a nearby restaurant, or take a free orange and from the welcome booth. Historian Marshall Shore and Salt River Project biologist Brian Moorhead were on hand to help visitors understand the use of the fish in the Valley’s canal system.

Making projects like these is as much about coordination as it is about invention. Figuring out where you get artificial grass, delivery of fish tanks to a public park, designing and collecting components for balloon trees, printing hats and aprons, buying oranges, keeping your helpers fed and hydrated, getting power to the DJ, coordinating with the SRP fish crew, and making sure everyone is having fun are all pieces that I needed to do in order for the piece to work.